Cody Savoie is a Louisiana-born Cajun Voice Actor who resides and works in the DFW area. He has worked on various Crunchyroll properties, including: One Piece (Charlotte Mont-d'Or), Hell's Paradise (Yamada Asaemon Eizen), Aoashi (Takenori Kaneda), and many mad scientists, such as Akio Tademaru in Kemono Jihen and Victor Steinberg in No Guns Life. He is also a writer and artist, producing a fan audiobook based on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure named "The Lighted Stage."

"You mustn't look at me."I am absolutely blessed to be playing Aoi Nanamori in The Demon Prince of Momochi House, and to be standing beside such a wonderful cast.Thank you to Jonathan Rigg for trusting me with this role.

Casting Announcement from Crunchyroll for Demon Prince of Momochi House. Cody Savoie (a man with a beard and long, dark hair with clear square glasses) as Aoi Nanamori (an anime man with short dark hair and blue eyes in a white dress shirt.)

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JoJo: The Lighted Stage

Originally started as an art project to create a series of eyecatches for my own concept of a JoJo part, I decided to flesh out the characters and story and put this video packet together. This was not a trailer in anticipation of anything more fleshed out, just an art exercise that I wanted to share.I had no intention of following through with anything beyond this stage, but lo and behold, inspiration took hold and I decided to commit to writing the series as a fully narrated and voice acted audiobook.

Artwork from JoJo: The Lighted Stage. A blonde woman with short hair points her finger off-screen. Her hand is supported and guided by a glowing rainbow figure with a piercing black eye and thick white lashes. The woman wears a stylish yellow dress with a